Thursday, February 9, 2012



Aspire to a Brighter Future
Everybody has aspirations - a better car, a bigger home or a comfortable retirement. As a smart individual, you know the importance of saving for a better future. But sometimes the unexpected happens and your savings may be needed for life-saving emergencies.
According to statistics, 19 people are admiotted to the hospital every hour; approximately 1,035 people* perish from accidental injuries annually and many more leave their families without life savings. Secure a better future now because life is full of uncertainties.
Source: *World Health Organization 2004; Disease and Injury Country Estimates

Securing a Better Lifestyle While Protecting Your Family's Future
Harmoni helps meet your aspirations while providing protection and savings from just RM70.00 contribution a month. You are also allowed to withdraw some of your money from the Participant Investment Fund should you require it. Harmoni gives you peace of mind and flexibility in managing your finances without compromising your Takaful coverage.
In times of misfortune, your family will get the total Sum Covered to help ease their financial worries. With Harmoni, you can rest assured that the people you care for the most will be taken care of financially.

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