Thursday, February 9, 2012



Accumulate Savings While You Protect Your Family

Your family means the world to you. That is why you work hard to provide them with love and care. But life is full of surprises. An unfortunate event may occur and render you unable to look after their needs. Statistics show that a person gets injured from accidents every 15 minutes*; 189 workers** get wounded every day doing their jobs and 19 people*** get admitted to the hospital every hour for accidental injuries. Anything can happen. That is why it is crucial to secure your family's financial future now.
*Jabatan Keselamatan Jalan Raya Malaysia 2010
**National Institure of Occupational Safety and Health: Occupational Safety and Health System and Programme in Malaysia 2005
***Renovatio Medical Card and Healthcare Services:Accident Stats in Malaysia 2010

Securing Your Family's Financial Future
Prisma+ helps you protect against life's uncertainties by offering a sizeable financial cover as well as the advantage of accruing cash savings from just RM50.00 contribution a month.
In times of misfortune, we will give the Sum Covered plus the cash savings accumulated to your family to help ease their immediate financial worries. You can rest assured that family's long term welfare is taken care of.

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