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Being a woman in today's world can be a challenging experience. With Femina Special by your side, you can breathe easy during your times of need and look forward to living a worry-free life.

Femina Special provides Personal Accident, female-related illnesses as well as crime protection benefits in a comprehensive plan. Femina Special also offers extensive coverage for female cancers and ATM cash withdrawal losses whilst rewarding mothers who deliver twins or more.

With affordable contribution rates and endless benefits, Femina Special is the easiest way to a fruitful life for you and your loved ones.

Benefits Sum Cover (RM)
1. Accidental Death 100,000
2. Permanent Disability 200,000
3. Compassionate Cash 2,000
4. Female Cancers 20,000
5. Death due to Maternity Complications 20,000
6. Facial Reconstructive Surgery or Dental Treatment due to Accident 10,000
7. Compassionate Cash due to Infertility arising from Accident 10,000
8. Hospital Confinement Allowance due to Accident 10,000 (100 per day)
9. Medical Expenses due to Accident 5,000
10. Skin Grafting due to Accident and/or Burns 5,000
11. Ambulance Fee 500
12. Kidnap & Abduction 30,000
13. Snatch Theft 1,000
14. Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Cash Withdrawal Protection 1,000
15. Compassionate Cash for Domestic Violence 500
16. Family Prosperity Bonus for delivery of twins or more 1,000

Contribution table
Age (years) *Yearly Contribution (RM)
18-40 265
41-60 485
61-70 485
* The contribution is inclusive of RM 10 stamp duty.
Surplus Sharing
At maturity, the surplus (if any) from the Fund will be shared between ETB and all eligible participants in the ratio of 50:50.
To be eligible, you must be a Malaysian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Malaysia, aged between 18 and 60 years.
Certificate renewal is applicable up to a maximum age of 70, subject to our satisfaction of your state of health.



Provide a Brighter Future for Your Chidren
Your children are your pride and joy. As a responsible parent, you know that education is vital to success and would have started saving for their future. But your savings alone may not be sufficient.
Education costs are escalating. In 10 years' time a 4-year university course could cost RM72,000.00 in Malaysia*, RM 250,000.00 in Australia or RM400,000.00 in UK***. If any unwanted incident occurs, your children may not even get the education they deserve. That is why it is crucial to start planning for their future now.
Study in Malaysia Handbook (International Edition)
**Ministry of Higher Education 2009

Securing Your Children's Higher Education
Intelek helps build a sizeable fund for your children's education needs and also provides protection from just RM70.00 contribution a month. In addition, Intelek rewards your children on their achievements.
The rewards are subjected to the following conditions:
  1. Certificate must be in force at least one (1) year before your children sit for exams.
  2. The benefit is on per life basis.
  3. Number of A grade is counted based on core subjects only (grades A and A+ only).
  4. The benefit is subject to change according to the Malaysia Syllabus Structure.
  5. Etiqa Takaful Berhad reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of the benefit in the future.
You may also withdraw up to 80% of the available amount in your account to meet unexpected expenses. In times of misfortune, we will continue paying your contributions in your absence. Your family will have peace of mind knowing that your children's future education will not be compromised.



Accumulate Savings While You Protect Your Family

Your family means the world to you. That is why you work hard to provide them with love and care. But life is full of surprises. An unfortunate event may occur and render you unable to look after their needs. Statistics show that a person gets injured from accidents every 15 minutes*; 189 workers** get wounded every day doing their jobs and 19 people*** get admitted to the hospital every hour for accidental injuries. Anything can happen. That is why it is crucial to secure your family's financial future now.
*Jabatan Keselamatan Jalan Raya Malaysia 2010
**National Institure of Occupational Safety and Health: Occupational Safety and Health System and Programme in Malaysia 2005
***Renovatio Medical Card and Healthcare Services:Accident Stats in Malaysia 2010

Securing Your Family's Financial Future
Prisma+ helps you protect against life's uncertainties by offering a sizeable financial cover as well as the advantage of accruing cash savings from just RM50.00 contribution a month.
In times of misfortune, we will give the Sum Covered plus the cash savings accumulated to your family to help ease their immediate financial worries. You can rest assured that family's long term welfare is taken care of.



Protect Your Family Against Life's Uncertainties
Nothing is more important than family. As a responsible spouse and parent, you would have set aside some savings for your family's future security. But it may not be sufficient to see them through if something tragic were to suddenly befall you now.
Statistics prove that an accident occurs every 15 minutes*. Nobody can foresee the future but you have the power to make sure that your family is taken care of. We can assure that you and your loved ones will be well protected at an affordable contribution.
*Source: Jabatan Keselamatan Jalan Raya Malaysia 2010

Securing Your Family's Financial Future
Prisma helps secure your family's financial future by providing substantial financial cover from just RM50.00 contribution a month.
In times of misfortune, your family will get the total Sum Covered to help ease their financial worries.


Prima is a special plan with scheduled returns and absolute freedom in the current financial planning includes education, umrah and ziarah, travelling, investment etc. It provides financial protection for you and your family in the event of financial adversity.



Aspire to a Brighter Future
Everybody has aspirations - a better car, a bigger home or a comfortable retirement. As a smart individual, you know the importance of saving for a better future. But sometimes the unexpected happens and your savings may be needed for life-saving emergencies.
According to statistics, 19 people are admiotted to the hospital every hour; approximately 1,035 people* perish from accidental injuries annually and many more leave their families without life savings. Secure a better future now because life is full of uncertainties.
Source: *World Health Organization 2004; Disease and Injury Country Estimates

Securing a Better Lifestyle While Protecting Your Family's Future
Harmoni helps meet your aspirations while providing protection and savings from just RM70.00 contribution a month. You are also allowed to withdraw some of your money from the Participant Investment Fund should you require it. Harmoni gives you peace of mind and flexibility in managing your finances without compromising your Takaful coverage.
In times of misfortune, your family will get the total Sum Covered to help ease their financial worries. With Harmoni, you can rest assured that the people you care for the most will be taken care of financially.

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